Cleaning & Maintenance



Polyurathane Finished Products: Pledge or soapy water

Cleaning your polyurathane finish is easy. You can use Pledge, soapy water, or a general use furniture cleaner. No need to use chemicals! Get it here

Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish

If you have furniture finished with our popular Rubiomonocoat finish, we highly recommend using their Natural soap on all of their products, found here. A 1 liter bottle makes nearly 15 gallons of cleaning solution. Even with spills or marks- this should be your first resort! Your finish is a oil based wax, which if used with other cleaning products or scrubbing too hard to remove stains, can be removed. Get it here.


Minwax Poly

You can easily add more finish to your table after years of use if desired. The finish will adhere to itself with a crystal clear finish. In the shop, we spray all finishes onto our furniture, but brushing it on is a usful application process as well. If you ever want to do this, please reach out to us and we can walk to you through how to do it on your own! Get it here


RubioMonocoat Oil Refresh

This product can be used once your furniture feels too dry or rough or when the finish has worn down due to heavy use. Another option is to use Universal Maintenance Oil. This will bring the furniture back to its original luster and restore any faded colors. Both options are simple to apply and highly effective! Get it here

Both of these finishes prodivide a protective layer against everyday use. Since this is real wood, all users should still be cautious of:

1. Leaving wet glasses or drinks overnight

2. Placing hot products on top as it could result in a heat mark.




Chemcraft ora Verde Unico

Commercial projects sometimes require a more durable finish, made to withstand high traffic and chemical cleaning. You can learn more about our commercial application here or watch a quick video of what we use here

Bullet Proof Protection

Extremely durable against:

– Chemicals

– Heat

– Moisture

We reccomend our Unico for high traffic areas, commercial applications – although it CAN be used in a residentical setting for customers worried about damaging their furniture.

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