– Mary Louise Janosik, the co-founder of Top 100 Furniture Store, Johnny Janosik, has passed away at the age of 92.
– She began the business in 1953 with her husband Johnny, who died in 2017.
– The business started with only selling televisions but soon expanded to furniture.
– Johnny Janosik has multiple locations, one of which is one of the largest furniture stores in the country.
– Despite her age, Mary Louise Janosik remained involved in the business and enthusiastically supported her staff.
– The business is involved in charitable endeavors, donating furniture to schools and other groups.

Matriarch of Furniture, Mary Louise Janosik, Passes Away

A Legacy of Fine Furniture Continued

We are sad to inform of the passing of Mary Louise Janosik, co-founder of the immensely successful furniture store, Johnny Janosik. A visionary in home furnishings, Mrs. Janosik passed away at the rich age of 92, leaving behind an impressive business empire she started with her late husband Johnny back in the ’50s.

From Television Sets to Furniture City

The couple had initially set foot in business by selling televisions, but their innovative minds soon expanded into what became one of the biggest furniture stores in the nation. Johnny Janosik now has multiple locations, with each store being a testimony to its founders’ dedication and joint vision.

The Woman Behind the Success

Mary Louise was not just the co-founder; she was an integral part of the Johnny Janosik family. Always actively involved despite her age, her passion for the business and her team was an ongoing source of inspiration. She truly set the bar high for entrepreneurs of all ages and in all industries.

A Heart for Philanthropy

Besides their business success, the Janosiks were also known for their generosity. They were committed to giving back to their community, with their company regularly donating high-quality furniture to local schools and other groups.

Despite the sad news, Mary Louise’s legacy will continue to stride through the halls of the Johnny Janosik mega stores. Her influence, combined with her husband’s, has helped shape the furniture industry for the better. The curtains may have drawn to a close on her personal chapter, but the book of her achievements remains wide open for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

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