• Coastal Harmony, a popular home furnishing company, has announced a new line of furniture meant to bring the beach-vibes indoors.

• The collection, named ‘Seaside Serenity’, is created with a blend of comfort and aesthetics, including soft-fabric sofas, weathered wooden dining tables, and chairs, along with artisan-crafted home decors.

• Coastal Harmony focuses on sustainability. All furniture in the ‘Seaside Serenity’ collection is made from reclaimed teak, recycled plastic, and other sustainable materials.

• Leading interior designer, Eve Williams, has collaborated with the company for this collection. Williams accentuated the importance of color in creating a coastal ambiance, thus using a palette of fresh blues, crisp whites, and sandy beige in the designs.

• The ‘Seaside Serenity’ collection is now available across all Coastal Harmony stores and online platforms.

Coastal Harmony’s New Furniture Collection “Seaside Serenity”

Sustainability Meets Comfort and Aesthetics

Climate-conscious consumers now have a new reason to redecorate their homes. Coastal Harmony, known for their sustainable approach to home furnishings, recently launched their new line, ‘Seaside Serenity’. This collection introduces a rejuvenating beach vibe into your homes with its fresh blues, crisp whites, and sandy beige tones, curated by leading interior designer Eve Williams.

In the trend now, many consumers are increasingly seeking ways to make their home spaces not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. The company’s use of sustainable materials, such as reclaimed teak and recycled plastic, indicates their commitment to making a positive environmental impact. It’s refreshing to know that you can go coastal chic, feel like you’re lounging on the beach, yet remain eco-friendly with the ‘Seaside Serenity’ collection. William’s eye for color and sustainability in design reaffirms the company’s dedication to bringing comfort, aesthetics, and a sense of responsibility to your home.

Expect the costal breeze to kiss your homes goodbye as they meet the ‘Seaside Serenity’. A remarkable offering by Coastal Harmony, promising a laid-back beach retreat right in your living room. It’s more than just furniture; it’s about bringing a piece of the shore to your cozy nooks.

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