– Coaster, a well-known furniture retailer, plans to open a new showroom in Las Vegas.
– The move marks a notable shift in the company’s merchandising strategy.
– The new showroom will reportedly focus on offering full suite setups for customers, an approach that differentiates it from the standard showroom model.
– Apart from standalone Bar and Pub Table sections, the showroom will also have a dedicated section for small space living.
– Coaster’s decision reflects a growing trend in the industry, where companies are redesigning sales spaces to cater to specific lifestyle needs.
– The Las Vegas showroom will serve as a prototype and if successful, the same concept may be replicated in other locations.
– This venture is geared towards enhancing the customer experience by offering immersive settings and promoting the company’s unique selling propositions in a new light.

Coaster’s Game-Changing Showroom

Inaugurating in Las Vegas Soon

Major Shift in Furniture Retail Strategy

In a bold move, Coaster, one of America’s leading furniture corporations, is paving the way for a new furniture retail strategy. Not content with run-of-the-mill showrooms, the company is set to unveil an innovative concept showroom in Las Vegas. This bright and shiny advance is focused on presenting customers with entirely decked-out suite setups, a stark contrast from the traditional showroom model subscribers are acclimated to.

Adding to the fresh breadth of this venture is a dedicated corner for small space living in line with the growing millennial and Gen Z demand. Moreover, the independent bar and pub table sections promise to add an oomph factor to the overall experience.

An adventurous experiment, success might see the replicating of the concept in other areas, widening the reach of this exceptional customer experience. All aboard to witness the reinvention of furniture merchandising strategies, as Coaster is poised to take furniture retail to new, unexplored heights!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317588

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