– Raymour & Flanigan, a well-known furniture retailer, plans to open its first store in western Massachusetts city this June.
– This will be the company’s 156th store across the U.S., marking continued growth within the furniture industry.
– The new store aims to boost the local economy by providing more job opportunities, with plans to hire at least 30 new employees.
– Specialized in selling home furnishings, mattresses, and home décor, the chain promises an excellent collection of furniture for the local residents.
– The company is recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, which they plan to continue in the new location.
– The new store will also feature a unique showroom with a mattress gallery, aiming to offer a comprehensive shopping experience.

Raymour & Flanigan to Open in Western Massachusetts City

Expanding the Furniture Empire

In a spirited move to expand their furniture empire, Raymour & Flanigan has decided to plant their roots in western Massachusetts city. This June, the renowned furniture retailer aims to open their doors to the local public, promising an unrivaled selection of home furnishings, mattresses, and home decor.

New Job Opportunities

More than just a beacon of exclusive furnishings, the new store will also significantly spark the local economy. An estimated 30 new employees are expected to join the Raymour & Flanigan team, providing a much-needed employment boost within the community.

Unique Showroom and Exceptional Service

Known for their outstanding customer service, Raymour & Flanigan is set to continue their tradition of going above and beyond to satisfy their customers. The new store will feature a unique showroom, complete with a mattress gallery. This addition is designed to provide customers with a complete and luxurious shopping experience.


The June opening of Raymour & Flanigan’s store in western Massachusetts will mark a milestone, not just for the company itself, but for the residents of the community where it plants its roots. The store promises to offer high-quality furniture while boosting the local economy. With a specialty in home furnishings, mattresses, and home décor, the store aims to provide an extraordinary shopping experience for its future customers. Above all, the company plans to continue its legacy of offering exceptional customer service, creating an inviting and exciting shopping environment for all.

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