– Wayfair, the online giant for home goods, announces a grand opening date for its new store in Chicagoland.
– This new outlet will be the company’s second brick-and-mortar store, following the successful opening of its first physical store in Massachusetts last year.
– The store will allow shoppers to purchase items on the spot and will also feature a home design hub for personalized design consultations.
– Products showcased in Wayfair’s physical store will align with the current online assortment, spreading across various furniture styles and budget brackets.
– The grand opening of the Chicagoland store is slated for 26th June, with Wayfair promising exceptional customer experiences aligned with safety protocols due to the ongoing pandemic.

Wayfair Brings Online Shopping Experience to Chicagoland

Brick-and-Mortar With A Personal Touch

The soon-to-be-opened Wayfair store in Chicagoland is not just another furniture store: it’s a shopping gateway where the online and in-store experiences merge. From purchasing in-store items to tapping into personalized design consultations at the home design hub, shoppers can look forward to a well-integrated experience.

Choice for Every Taste and Budget

Ever wanted to touch and feel the quality of Wayfair products in real life before making a purchase? Well, soon you can. The new store will feature a diverse range of products from the online catalog, catering to many styles and various budget brackets.

Grand Opening on Horizon

Mark your calendars for 26th June. The grand opening is more than just unveiling another store – it’s about introducing a customer-first experience with safety protocols as a priority amid the ongoing pandemic.

Wayfair’s decision to expand into the offline world may come as a surprise to some, given the company’s success in the e-commerce world. However, this move is seen as a strategic step, designed to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences for customers. With the new Wayfair store all set to open in Chicagoland, residents will get the best of both worlds. The store’s customer-centric approach, coupled with strong safety protocols, makes this grand opening one to watch. See you there!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316134

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