– The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers much more aware of sleep habits and bedding.
– Many people are now investing in new mattresses to ensure they’re getting high-quality rest.
– Consumers have greater access to information about the correlation between quality of sleep and their health, leading to an increase in bedding sales.
– Small business owners and entrepreneurs have noticed this trend and are rushing to meet the demand.
– Bedding manufacturers have also caught onto this trend and are introducing new products to meet consumer demands.
– Companies like Tempur Sealy and Serta Simmons have reported a significant increase in sales during the pandemic.
– Online retailers are having incredible success with this trend, with bed-in-a-box companies reporting a shoot-up in sales, along with traditional brick and mortar stores seeing a surge in online sales.
– This trend is expected to continue even as the pandemic ebbs, thanks to growing consumer understanding of the importance of sleep health.

The New Scope of Bedding in a Pandemic World

Professional and Personal Lives Shape Consumer Behavior

In this new era defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have become increasingly aware of their sleep habits and the importance of good bedding. Reports suggest that more people are investing in new mattresses to improve their sleep and overall health.

Trend-spotting Entrepreneurs & Bedding Industry

Entrepreneurs and small business holders have noticed this trend amongst consumers. Bedding manufacturers like Tempur Sealy and Serta Simmons are enjoying their surprising increase in sales during the pandemic. They have also been innovating to meet the rising demands.

Online Retailers Reaping Benefits

Online bedding retailers have hugely benefited from this trend. The bed-in-a-box industry has noted a significant rise in sales. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have also reported a surge in online purchases.

Pandemic or Not, the Trend Continues

Despite the anticipated ebb of the pandemic, this trend of heightened consumer awareness about the importance of sleep health shows no sign of slowing down. It seems that a good night’s sleep will continue to be a priority for consumers in the foreseeable future.

In a nutshell, there’s no sleeping on this trend – the bedding industry is wide awake and geared to lend a comfy, supportive surface to every eager sleeper out there. Our changing sleep habits driven by pandemic stress may just tuck us into a bedding boom in the industry. It’s a wake-up call for those still snoozing: the world has risen to the importance of good sleep, and the ripple effect is fluffing up the bedding business!

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