* Small businesses specializing in home décor and furniture are experiencing a surge in sales due to the growing consumer interest in home improvement.
* The Covid-19 restrictions and Work-from-Home (WFH) routine have sparked a newfound appreciation for personalized space that has driven people to invest more in their homes.
* The surging home improvement market is fostering competition among retailers. Bigger brands are gearing up their digital game to compete with small businesses, who are winning due to their unique product offerings and personalized customer service.
* Consumers are increasingly leaning towards purchasing furniture and home décor items from small businesses and local artists. They appreciate the uniqueness and quality of these items, believing that they foster a more personal and individualized home ambiance.
* Handmade and customizable pieces are particularly popular with customers right now. They are associating the personal touch in these items with the “comfort of home”.
* In spite of the intense market competition, small businesses are holding their ground thanks to innovative strategies like virtual consultations and contactless delivery.
* The pandemic has also influenced consumer behavior in a sustainable direction. More and more shoppers are demanding eco-friendly furniture and home décor items, forcing retailers to incorporate sustainability into their business models.


In the face of a global pandemic that has nudged everybody to stay home, the castle called ‘home’ has gone through dazzling transformation. Quirky lamps to cozy couches, local craft to eco-friendly materials, small-scale furniture businesses are witnessing surging sales with consumers looking to spruce up their homes. The personalized ambiance these businesses provide through their unique offerings is winning customer hearts. Moreover, they are innovating to keep up with the times, providing virtual consultations, contactless delivery, and a focus on sustainability. The bigger picture suggests not merely a trend, but perhaps a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. So, here’s to making homes the embodiment of comfort and individuality, one handmade, eco-friendly throw pillow at a time!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318060

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