– Sherrill Furniture, a leading name in the furniture industry, has decided to expand its custom bed program in response to rising consumer demand for more customization options.
– The expansion of their program focuses on enhancing the variety of designs, materials, and finishes that customers can choose from, allowing consumers to create bespoke pieces that suit their personal style and home decor.
– For the first time, the program will accommodate partial customization of bed designs and offer the opportunity to mix and match various parts and components to create unique bed styles.
– The program also introduces seven additional decorative hardware options,prompting an entire redesign of the Sherrill bed collection.
– The company foresees that the move will attract design-savvy consumers who are in search of original furniture pieces that can make their bedrooms stand out.
– Sherrill insists on maintaining high-quality craftsmanship and superior materials in their products, even as they provide more customization options.

Sherrill Furniture Ups the Ante with Expanded Custom Bed Program

Meeting Consumer Demand for More Customization

In a bold move to cater to their customer’s craving for personalized furniture, Sherrill Furniture has decided to rev up their custom bed program, promising to offer an even wider array of design options, materials, and finishes.

First-time Introduction to Partial Customization

For the first time, the program offers partial customization, meaning customers can mix and match various parts of a bed design to create something that is entirely original.

New Decorative Hardware Choices and Design Overhaul

Not stopping there, Sherrill also introduces seven additional decorative hardware options. This effectively prompted a complete makeover of their bed collection, ensuring it remains fresh and appealing.

Sherrill Furniture’s broadened bed customization program demonstrates the company’s proactive response to market trends and underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality and unique furniture designs for each customer. Always striving to be a step ahead, Sherrill continues to prove that they place their consumers’ style preferences at the center of their business, revolutionizing the concept of the bedroom as a personal haven. Consumers who are looking to make their sleeping quarters reflect their unique style sense will surely be drawn to Sherrill’s expanded offerings.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316911

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