– CORT Furniture Rental has recently announced the promotion of Mike Davis to Group Vice President.
– Davis who has served with the company for over 32 years, was previously working in the role of District General Manager.
– In his new position, Davis will oversee rental operations in six Southwestern states.
– Davis’s proven expertise in operations management, customer satisfaction, and leadership skills were key factors in his promotion.
– CORT has a long-standing reputation in serving both individual furniture renters and corporate clients with their tailored rental solutions.

CORT Announces New Group Vice President

Long-standing Employee, Mike Davis, Steps into New Role

CORT Furniture Rental, a company renowned for providing stellar rental solutions to its clients, has given us even more reason to celebrate. A hearty round of applause is due for Mike Davis as he assumes the role of Group Vice President. With over three decades of experience within the company, Davis has shown nothing but dedication, making this promotion well deserved.

A Passion for Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

Davis will be responsible for looking after rental operations across six Southwestern states, a task that calls for a seasoned professional. Known for his skills in operations management, great taste for customer satisfaction, and strong leadership DNA, Mike is definitely the man of the hour. Here’s to Davis’s continued journey at CORT, and to us having the privilege of having a dedicated, experienced VP on board!

CORT has always prided itself in serving individual furniture renters and corporate clients alike with tailored solutions. With Davis in his new role, one can only anticipate the heights to which he will take this reputed company!

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