• The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a product recall on 70,000 Frontgate chairs due to reported injuries.
• There have been 18 reported incidents, with four instances of a crushed finger or hand resulting in nerve damage and surgery.
• The outdoor dining chair models recalled are the Luciano Dining Chair and the Palermo Chair.
• These models have been sold across the United States, both online and in Frontgate retail stores.
• Consumers are being advised to stop using the outdoor dining chairs immediately and reach out to Frontgate for a free repair kit.

Critical Safety Recall: Frontgate Chairs Pose Potential Hand Injury Risk

Injury-Laden Furniture: CPSC Issues Recall Notice for Frontgate Chairs

Concerns are escalating over the safety of some outdoor furniture as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall that affects 70,000 Frontgate chairs. The recall comes after 18 injury reports have surfaced, and fear of additional cases looms. Of the reported incidents, four have led to crushing injuries of the hand or fingers which have necessitated surgery and have caused nerve damage.

The Risky Home Furniture: Luciano Dining Chair and Palermo Chair

The at-risk products sourced from the Frontgate company are the Luciano Dining Chair and the Palermo Chair. These models have been widely distributed across the United States and have been sold online and through the company’s retail outlets. As a precautionary measure, customers who have purchased these dangerous dining chairs are being urged to stop using them immediately and to contact Frontgate to receive a free repair kit.

Action Required: Frontgate Spearheads Repairing Initiative

Even with the unprecedented recall darkening its door, Frontgate is committing to customer safety by providing free repair kits to the affected consumers. This notable undertaking reflects the gravity of the situation and the company’s commitment to ensuring customer safety while they explore solutions to the chair design flaws that allowed this unfortunate event to occur.

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