• Crate & Barrel has recalled over 3,300 of its imported Gage cribs.
• The risk identified is a fall hazard from the rail on the crib possibly splitting or cracking.
• There have been seventeen instances of split rails reported, but no injuries so far.
• The cribs were manufactured in Vietnam and sold online as well as in stores from January 2021 until May 2021.
• Recall was announced by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on July 7, 2021.
• Customers who bought these cribs should stop using them and can get a full refund or replacement from Crate & Barrel.
• This recall is the 2nd recall from Crate & Barrel within two years, with prior incidents involving benches breaking while in use.

Crate & Barrel Issues Recall On 3,300 Imported Cribs

Swift Action Amidst Fall Hazard Fears

In response to potential safety issues, Crate & Barrel has voluntarily recalled over 3,300 of its imported Gage cribs. The cribs, which were manufactured in Vietnam, pose a potential fall hazard caused by the crib’s rail possibly splitting or cracking. Despite seventeen recorded instances of split rails, thankfully, no injuries have been reported so far.

Recall Protocols and Consumer Rights

The recall was officially announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on July 7, 2021. It’s important for customers who bought these cribs to immediately stop using them. Crate & Barrel has ensured that affected consumers will receive a full refund or a replacement crib as per their convenience.

Second Recall in Two Years

This recall is the 2nd significant incident involving Crate & Barrel products in the last two years. The prior recall involved problems with benches breaking while in use. In spite of these hiccups, Crate & Barrel remains committed to providing safe and quality products to its customers.

In summary, Crate & Barrel took a swift and responsible approach when potential safety risks were found with their imported Gage cribs. Customers were quickly informed and given clear instructions on what steps to take. The actions from Crate & Barrel show strong commitment to customer safety and service. It’s also a stark reminder for manufacturers and consumers alike about the importance of vigilant safety checks in the furniture industry.

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