• Design Within Reach (DWR), a popular furnishing company, has just launched its summer 2021 collection.
• DWR’s new range takes inspiration from its mid-century modern style heritage.
• It features timeless pieces from international designers, amidst which are interesting twists on familiar styles.
• The collection includes the Vinson Dining Table by Chris Hardy, inspired by the masterful amalgamation of wood and steel.
• The Tonico Sofa by Sergio Rodrigues blends comfort with a pinch of eccentricity in its design.
• The blown-up proportions of the Big Arm Sofa pulls off a whimsical yet relaxed vibe.
• The Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce lights provide a gentle ambiance.
• A new outdoor furniture line, the Finn Collection by Norm Architects, is included which combines aesthetic and function.
• The collection also contains home accessories like the Kartell Componibili Storage Unit and the Cyclone Side Table which mixes well with all types of decor.

Design Within Reach’s Summer Extravaganza

Mid-Century Modern Refined

Design Within Reach, a source for all high-quality, stylish furniture lovers, has piqued our designs sense with their Summer 2021 Collection. The launch pays homage to DWR’s roots, embracing a mid-century modern flair teamed with ingenious yet unpretentious designs.

Resurrecting Tradition with a Touch of Modernity

With international designers joining forces to breathe life into these timeless artifacts, the collection features a variety of pieces ranging from the Vinson Dining Table by Chris Hardy, a symbol of unity between wood and steel. Or the playful sophistication of the Big Arm Sofa and the warm glow of the Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce lights.

A Fresh Leeway: Outdoor Selection

The extraordinary Finn Collection by Norm Architects is also part of the assemblage. It stands out by offering an enlightening perspective to outdoor furniture, blending purpose and good looks flawlessly.

Completing the Loop: Furniture Accessories

And for those who love a sprinkle of surprise within their decor, the summer collection doesn’t disappoint. It is paired with funky home accessories such as the versatile Kartell Componibili Storage Unit and the energetic Cyclone Side Table.

DWR’s summer offerings are a tour de force for your home, combining tradition with modernity and serious design sensibility with playfulness. The mid-century roots shine through the entire collection, showing the timeless appeal of thoughtful design and providing a buoyant brightness to any living space. In a nutshell, this collection is simply remarkable in its diversity and dimension, ensuring your space will feel both stylish and comfortably lived-in.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316232

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