– Diamond Mattress has announced an upgraded and expanded line up of all-latex mattresses, Avani 2.0.
– The Avani 2.0 line features five models with varying features and firmness levels.
– The mattresses are designed with natural materials including avocado, organic wool, cotton, and three types of latex for improved breathability and durability.
– The new line will also include two vegan options, making them the first all-latex vegan mattresses in the market.
– Diamond Mattress is a family-owned company, having been in the business for four generations, and are committed to providing sleep wellness with their high-quality products.
– The Avani 2.0 collection is expected to hit the market by the end of 2023 and will be available online and in select furniture and mattress stores nationwide.

Diamond Mattress Announces All-Latex Avani 2.0 Line

Expanding Sleep Wellness Innovations

Diamond Mattress, a family-owned business known for their commitment to quality sleep, has raised the bar once again with their all-latex Avani 2.0 mattress line. With designs that prioritize not only comfort but also breathability and durability, these new offerings are sure to make an impact in the market.

Avani 2.0: Natural Comfort, Superior Durability

Featuring natural materials like avocado, organic wool, and cotton, alongside three types of latex, the Avani 2.0 models are designed for optimum comfort. And with five different models to choose from, customers can find the perfect fit for their individual sleep needs.

First in the Market

The Avani 2.0 collection will also offer two vegan options, making Diamond Mattress the pioneer of plant-based, all-latex vegan mattresses. This innovative step not only offers a new choice for customers but aligns with the company’s philosophy of prioritizing sleep wellness.

In conclusion, the Avani 2.0 collection by Diamond Mattress marks a significant milestone in the sleep wellness industry. Integrating sustainability with comfort and durability, these new offerings are expected to revolutionize the way people experience sleep. And as Diamond Mattress raises the bar, they continue to prove their dedication to ensuring sleep wellness for all, one innovation at a time. The Avani 2.0 line will be available to the public by the end of 2023.

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