– The trend of e-commerce furniture brands partnering with established brick-and-mortar stores is on the rise.
– Several Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) companies are seeking physical spaces to boost their business, as they realize the value of an in-person customer experience.
– Case study of ‘Floyd’, a DTC furniture brand that has recently started selling its products in large-scale retailers like Crate&Barrel and West Elm.
– The strategy allows DTC firms to utilize the popularity and reach of physical retail stores, and brick-and-mortar stores to offer unique, online-first products to their customers.
– Floyd co-founder, Alex O’Dell, believes that the brick-and-mortar experience is crucial for customers when buying large, expensive items like furniture that they want to see and touch before purchasing.
– The move of DTC brands into physical retail stores is not just beneficial for the brands themselves; it also provides brick-and-mortar stores a chance to refresh their product lines.
– Market analysts predict this trend will continue, driven by customer demand for online convenience and offline shopping experiences.

A Synergistic Relationship: DTC and Brick-and-mortar Furniture Stores

Furniture Brands Embracing the Physical Retail Stores

Case Study: Floyd’s Success with Brick-and-Mortar Venture

The Mutual Benefits of DTC and Physical Store Integration

Impact and Future Forecast

As virtual and physical retail worlds continue to meld, a rising number of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) companies are packing their bags for a journey into brick-and-mortar territory. This symbiotic pairing, illustrated by firms like Floyd and their partnerships with retail giants like Crate&Barrel and West Elm, is fast becoming a win-win ticket — a strategy that combines the best of both worlds. For customers, it brings the convenience of online shopping together with the tangibility of in-person buying experience, especially important when it comes to large purchases like furniture. For businesses, it presents an opportunity to harness the widespread reach of traditional retail stores while garnering higher exposure for DTC brands. As customer demand ebbs and flows between the online and offline worlds, this trend is likely going to stick around for a good time. The key will remain in striking the right balance between online convenience and in-store experience.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317532

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