– Fine Woodworking issue #311, for July/August 2024, features cover story interviews with top furniture makers including Sally Marks, Arnold Zimmer and Miguel Gomez.
– The magazine celebrates the art of woodworking and features innovative designs with an emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship.
– Included in the issue are tips and tricks tutorials ensuring even beginners can create beautiful, functional pieces.
– Highlights include an in-depth feature on the resurgence of Arts and Crafts style furniture, and a special section on effective use of recycled timber.
– Furniture projects spotlighted range from heritage-inspired dining tables, bespoke bedroom furniture, and creative storage solutions.
– The issue offers reviews of woodworking tools and equipment, and also provides a directory of woodworking schools and workshops.
– It also asserts the importance of safety measures and precautions to consider when embarking on any woodworking project.

Fine Woodworking – July/August 2024: Redefining Craftsmanship

Celebrating Artisans, Sustainability, and Craftsmanship

From Salvaged Timber to Stunning Furniture

Delving deep into the heart of woodworking, the latest issue of Fine Woodworking does more than just shine a light on craftsmanship – it celebrates the artisans, the intricate designs and the endless possibilities that start with a simple piece of timber. The masterminds in this modern yet heritage-rooted world, such as Sally Marks, Arnold Zimmer and Miguel Gomez, open up about their journey and the future of woodworking. Have you ever wondered how to turn salvaged timber into a stunning piece of furniture? This issue holds the key, and much more. It brings traditional arts and crafts style furniture back into today’s homes, and features furniture projects ranging from dining tables to storage solutions that can breathe new life into any space. Plus, with included reviews of top woodworking tools and a treasure map to woodworking schools and workshops, this issue is a must-have for any furniture artist, hobbyist or professional builder. Above all, it never forgets to remind its readers about the importance of safety in the pursuit of this rewarding craft. It’s much more than a magazine – it’s a tribute to the art of woodworking.

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