– Flexsteel, a leading furniture manufacturer, announces a strong performance in Q3 due to increased sales and positive market responses.
– The company’s results showed a solid operational flexibility in their manufacturing and retail segments during the pandemic.
– Flexsteel reported a 29% boost in market appointments, indicating a healthier demand for furniture amid the global crisis.
– The manufacturer’s total sales surged by 37.5% compared to the last fiscal year, recording the highest Q3 sales ever.
– Flexsteel’s manufacturing plants kept operating at full capacity to meet the growing demand.
– The company witnessed an increase in online sales, establishing digital channels as important revenue source.
– It has introduced around 75 new product designs this year, contributing significantly to the sales improvements.
– Flexsteel plans to leverage various digital mediums and continue product innovation to keep the momentum going.

Flexsteel Records Stellar Q3 Performance Amid Global Crisis

Exceptional Operational Resilience

Flexsteel Industries have defied the odds by recording an outstanding Q3 amidst the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic saw many businesses suspending operations as challenges persisted, but Flexsteel’s performance exhibited the remarkable flexibility in their manufacturing and retail segments. A 29% boost in market appointments proves that they managed to keep their customers’ interest vivid even at this difficult time.

Stupendous Sale Boost Across Channels

Flexsteel didn’t keep all their eggs in one basket. The leading furniture manufacturer has not only achieved highest ever Q3 sales with a 37.5% increment but also saw a significant rise in online sales, demonstrating the importance of digital channels as a revenue source.

New Product Launch

Moreover, creativity was not on pause for them. The launch of 75 new design products this year played an instrumental role in driving sales up.

Flexsteel enjoys a solid standing today, but they are not resting on their laurels. They plan to keep the momentum going by leveraging the digital medium and continuous product innovation. Truly, a brand that knows how to turn crisis into opportunity!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316490

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