– Flexsteel Industries has listed various types of manufacturing equipment for sale in an online auction.
– This move comes after the company closed its Georgia manufacturing plant.
– The online auction is managed by Hilco Industrial and will go on until mid-May.
– Equipment on sale includes cutting machines, sewing machines, forklifting equipment, and more.
– Flexsteel is known to be a leading furniture manufacturer in the U.S.

Flexsteel’s Equipment Auction

Manufacturing Giants Flexsteel Lists Plant Equipment on Sale

Flexsteel Industries has turned lemons into lemonade by putting their equipment up for sale following the unfortunate closure of their Georgia plant. This unexpected announcement has led to quite a buzz in the manufacturing industry.

Hilco Industrial Manages Auction

Well-renowned industrial auction giant, Hilco, is the frontrunner in managing this exciting sale, ensuring a smooth bidding process for all interested parties. The sale will run until mid-May, allowing bidders the opportunity to explore the diverse range of inventory on offer.

Wide Range of Equipment on Sale

From cutting and sewing machines to forklifting equipment, this auction presents manufacturing businesses and enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to acquire quality equipment from a leading furniture manufacturer in the U.S.

As much as the closure of the Georgia plant has been a setback for Flexsteel Industries, the company has chosen to turn this drawback into a potentially profitable endeavor. With the online auction of its manufacturing equipment, it hands over the baton to other industry players to enjoy the benefits of tried-and-tested, high-quality equipment. Alongside diversifying their remaining resources, they have opened up a unique market that is already showing a considerable amount of attention. The auction is an open door not just for fellow companies seeking cost-effective machinery, but also for those with a keen eye for the history of American manufacturing prowess.

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