• Libby Scarlett, formerly at Apple, has joined Hästens as its new chief design officer.
• Scarlett will be tasked with elevating the brand’s design and marketing strategies to meet future consumer needs.
• With over ten years of experience working in various tech giants, Scarlett brings a wealth of expertise in design and consumer experience.
• Her appointment reflects Hästens commitment to investing in design and improving its customer experience.
• Hästens, based in Sweden, is renowned worldwide for its luxury hand-crafted beds and bedroom accessories.

Welcome Libby Scarlett

A New Era for Hästens

In a move that reflects Hästens’ continued investment in design and emphasis on delivering outstanding customer experience, the luxury bed and bedroom accessories brand based in Sweden has welcomed Libby Scarlett as its new chief design officer.

Apple Expertise Meets Luxury Furniture

Scarlett, a former executive from Apple, will infuse her decade of tech and design experience, helping to lift Hästens’ design and marketing strategies to the next level, so it can better meet future consumer demands and trends.

Ending the story on a high note, Hästens’ decision to bring aboard such an experienced individual like Libby Scarlett shows its commitment to taking its luxury and hand-crafted designs to another level by integrating proven practices from the tech world. With Scarlett’s vast familiarity with consumer experience and trends, coupled with the company’s rich tradition in crafting high-end luxury beds and accessories, the Hästens’ future sleeps soundly, cozily wrapped in promising advancements. Stay tuned as the world watches the merging of tech insight with deluxe comfort, dream designs waiting to materialize!

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