• Steve King, a former sales representative of the renowned furniture manufacturing company, Bernhardt Furniture, passed away on 9th January at the age of 77.
• Fondly remembered as a veteran in the furniture industry, King spent 40 years of his life being an ardent collaborator in the field.
• King had a deep passion for his work and was known for building strong relationships with clients, which led to many successful and long-lasting partnerships.
• Apart from work, King had a knack for playing golf and was associated with several local golf clubs; a devotion that added balance to his life.
• Steve was also seen as an influential figure by his colleagues who admired his dedication to his work, his charismatic personality, and tireless efforts in the industry.

Industry Veteran Steve King Saddened The Furniture World With His Demise.

Contributions to Bernhardt Furniture and the Industry At Large

Even after two decades since his retirement, Steve King’s spirit and his dedication to Bernhardt Furniture as a former sales representative continues to inspire many. With a career spanning four decades, King truly embodied the essence of long-term commitment in the furniture industry.

A Lover of Golf and a Charismatic Personality

King managed to bridge his passion for furniture and love for golf, creating an extraordinary blend of lifestyle that many admired. He was a familiar ace in the local golf fraternity, leaving his mark in that sport as he did in the furniture industry.

Remembering Steve King: A Pillar of the Industry.

Steve King’s life left an indelible imprint on everyone he worked with, and his absence creates a void that will be hard to fill. His passing is a significant loss to Bernhardt Furniture and the entire furniture industry; his contributions will always be remembered fondly.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316893

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