– Jon Dorenbos, a former NFL player, will be the headline speaker at the Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime event in Las Vegas in August.
– Dorenbos, who had a 14-year career in the NFL, was forced to retire after a life-threatening heart condition was discovered during a routine physical.
– After retiring, Dorenbos became a motivational speaker and started his own woodworking company, creating custom furniture pieces.
– Attendees to the PrimeTime event can expect to be inspired and motivated by Dorenbos’ keynote speech, which will draw on his experiences overcoming adversity.
– NMG’s PrimeTime event is a biannual trade show that focuses on independent retailers in various markets such as appliances, electronics, furniture, and other related industries.

Former NFL Star Jon Dorenbos to Headline NMG’s PrimeTime

From NFL to Motivational Speaking and Custom Furniture Design

In a turn of events that takes him from the NFL to the design studio, Jon Dorenbos has become a successful motivational speaker and skilled furniture craftsman. At the upcoming PrimeTime event in Las Vegas, hosted by Nationwide Marketing Group, Dorenbos will share his insights, passion, and resilience with attendees, aiming to inspire and motivate.

Jon Dorenbos: Providing Keynote Inspiration

Dorenbos will step on the PrimeTime stage to recount how he tackled adversity head-on and reframed a life-threatening heart condition into a chance for personal growth and new business opportunities. Be sure to catch this exciting keynote to find out how one man turned his career from making touchdowns to creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

In conclusion, this year’s NMG PrimeTime event promises to be an enlightening experience. Not only will attendees have the chance to explore the latest trends and products in retail industries such as furniture, but they will also get to listen to an incredible talk by Jon Dorenbos. His story of resilience and creativity, coupled with his passion for woodworking, will surely inspire and motivate many.

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