– Former senior executive Cary Benson has made a comeback to Palliser Furniture.
– Benson took on the position as President of the U.S. division of Palliser, reporting directly to the CEO.
– He had earlier left Palliser in 2016 to pursue his opportunities at Eclipse International, a mattress maker.
– Benson stated that he is thrilled to come back to Palliser and attributed his return to the company culture that values its employees and focuses on superior quality.
– The CEO of Palliser, Art DeFehr, also expressed his happiness over having Benson back in the team, expecting that his extensive experience could lead to substantial growth.

Cary Benson Returns to Palliser as President of U.S. Division

Palliser Welcomes Back Former Senior Executive Cary Benson

Palliser Furniture, in a recent announcement, heralded the return of an old comrade. Cary Benson has taken up the reins as the President of the company’s United States division. This seasoned veteran had navigated the waters of Palliser in the past, only to detach himself in 2016 for a stint at Eclipse International, a mattress-making giant.

Benson Anticipates Successful Second Inning at Palliser

Benson’s spirits are running high as he steps back into the familiar territory of Palliser. His conviction about the company’s strong culture that values its manpower and its commitment to superior quality sparked his decision to return.

CEO Art DeFehr Looks Forward to Progress under Benson’s Leadership

Palliser CEO, Art DeFehr, meanwhile, has pinned great hopes on Benson’s comeback, and rightfully so. With his wealth of experience and knowledge about the company’s workings, Benson could pave the way to further growth.

We find ourselves excited to witness the new chapters Benson is set to script in Palliser’s journey, emphasizing employee-cherished culture and superior quality in products. With both him and DeFehr sharing high optimism, the future for Palliser seems promising. Respecting the past, embracing the future, and all while staying fiercely true to their core values – that seems to be Palliser’s game plan, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

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