– Fortunoff Backyard Store, a lead patio furniture seller, is expanding into the Mid-Atlantic market with new brick-and-mortar stores.
– The first of these stores will be located in Deptford, New Jersey, marking the first time the company sets foot in this market.
– This location is part of a larger expansion plan involving three new stores in the region.
– The New Jersey store will officially open on March 1, and grand opening celebrations will include a customer sweepstakes with a grand prize of $1,000 shopping spree.
– The company believes the Mid-Atlantic market is underserved in the outdoor/patio furniture sector.
– Fortunoff will make use of its brand reputation for quality and service to thrive in the new competition.

Fortunoff Backyard Store Branches Out to Mid-Atlantic Market

First Store Opens in Deptford, New Jersey

Fortunoff Backyard Store, a renowned patio furniture retailer, is planting its roots in the Mid-Atlantic market with a new store in Deptford, New Jersey. This marks a historical occasion as the company makes its maiden entry into this market.

Expansion Plan Includes Three New Stores

The Department store is just the beginning of an ambitious expansion plan that includes three stores in the region. By casting its net wider, Fortunoff aims to cater to a wider audience and cement its position as a leader in this sector.

Grand Opening and Sweepstakes Set for March

Looking to make a big splash in its new market, Fortunoff has planned a grand opening for March 1, complete with a customer sweepstakes offering a grand prize of a $1,000 shopping spree.

Mid-Atlantic Market: An Untapped Goldmine

Fortunoff is confident about the potential of the Mid-Atlantic market in outdoor and patio furniture. The company believes that the market is underserved, thus presenting a perfect opportunity to swoop in and stamp its authority.

In conclusion, the Fortunoff Backyard Store is spreading its wings into the Mid-Atlantic market, beginning with its inaugural store in Deptford, New Jersey. This ambitious move aims to tap into what the patio furniture leader believes to be an underserved market in need of quality products. With grand opening celebrations and a customer sweepstakes planned for March, it’s clear that Fortunoff is ready to make a grand entrance into these new territories.

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