* Roche Bobois, a luxury French furniture retailer, is expanding its presence in China.
* The company is targeting upper-middle-class Chinese consumers with its high-end furniture and home decor items.
* The boom in luxury spending and a rapidly growing middle class in China are significant factors behind the company’s expansion.
* Roche Bobois plans to increase its number of stores from the current 20 to around 70 in the next five years.
* Company CEO Gilles Bonan says the brand aims to become a “luxury household name” in China.
* Roche Bobois reported a significant increase in sales and profit in the first quarter of 2021, driven by the demand for high-quality home furniture amidst stay-at-home trends due to the pandemic.

Expanding Luxury Furniture Market in China: French Retailer Roche Bobois Leads the Charge

Roche Bobois Targets Affluent Chinese Customers

Aiming a stride into a lucrative market, French luxury furniture giant Roche Bobois is setting its sights on the upper-middle-class market of China. Offering a range of high-end furniture and home decor items, the firm is seeking to capitalize on China’s booming luxury spending and its growing middle class.

Expansion Plans

With an ambitious expansion plan in place, Roche Bobois plans to increase its footprint in China from the current 20 stores to about 70 in the next five years. “We are not just planning to sell furniture; our goal is to become a luxury household name in China,” affirms company CEO Gilles Bonan.

Riding the Pandemic Wave

The company reported a substantial increase in sales and profits for Q1 2021, largely driven by increased home focus amidst pandemic-induced lockdowns. The stay-at-home trend fueled consumer interest and demand for high-quality home furniture.

In conclusion

Roche Bobois’ Chinese expansion serves as a testament to the growing inclination towards luxury products in China’s middle class. CEO Gilles Bonan sees this expansion not only as a business venture but also as a step towards making Roche Bobois a ‘luxury household name’ in the Chinese market. Amid the wave of the pandemic, their sales have seen a significant upswing, shedding light on the fact that comfort and luxury in home furniture have become even more important. If the pandemic trends continue, Roche Bobois might find favor with an ever-increasing market for luxury furniture in mainland China.

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