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Chair Assembly

Hardware Bag:

a. 4 – 1.5 inch insert screws per chair

b. 4 – 2 inch insert screws per chair

c. One Allen key

– Separate chair parts by numbers marked by stickers ⁃ Line up seat with chair back and use the 1.5 inch insert screws to go through the holes on the bottom of the seat into the threaded inserts on the chair back.

⁃ Match the number on the bottom support (I) piece with the number on the chair back. Push the bottom support piece over the metal dowels protruding from the back of the chair. ⁃ (Once in these can not be removed)

⁃ Find the left and right front leg. Sticker is placed on the front of the leg.

⁃ The threaded inserts on the top inside corner of the front legs should be facing inward towards the seat.

⁃ Push the metal dowel protruding from the front legs into the holes on the bottom support holes. Use the longer two inch insert screws and washers to go through the seat support into the corners of the front legs.

⁃ Tighten down and your chair is ready to go!

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