– Furniture First, a National Buying Group, recognized and thanked its retiring board members for their service.
– The four designated honorees included Larry Furiani, Tom Ruzicki, Tom Aussprung, and Terry Sheely.
– Each of these retiring board members has served on the Furniture First board for more than a decade.
– The recognition event took place during the group’s 26th Annual Symposium in Orlando, where attendees praised their commitment and contributions.
– Honoring board members symbolizes how Furniture First values every individual’s contributions to its growth and success.

Closing Paragraph:

Furniture First Celebrates Retiring Board Members

Handing Over the Reins After Decades of Service

Honoring Larry Furiani, Tom Ruzicki, Tom Aussprung, and Terry Sheely

Furniture First, a cooperative of independent furniture retailers, has given a heartfelt salute to its retiring board members at its 26th Annual Symposium in Orlando. The honorees – Larry Furiani, Tom Ruzicki, Tom Aussprung, and Terry Sheely – have each lent over a decade of service to the organization, leaving remarkable footprints on its journey. The event served not just as a recognition ceremony, but also as a symbol of Furniture First’s commitment to appreciating every contribution made towards its growth and success. As these veterans pass the baton to the next generation of board members, they carry with them the gratitude and respect of the entire organization for their invaluable contributions.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317476

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