– Furniture Mall of Kansas formed a partnership with two other entities for ‘Demo Days.’
– The ‘Demo Days’ program is designed to boost customer engagement and drive consumer traffic to the store.
– Participating partners include a popular local brewery and a well-known local artist.
– Alongside the usual furniture shopping, customers can now enjoy live demonstrations of brewing and art.
– The partnership aims to generate a more dynamic shopping experience, integrating different elements of local culture and creativity.
– The initiative was deemed a success, receiving positive feedback from clientele who appreciated the contrast between traditional retail shopping and this novel experience.

Furniture Mall of Kansas Launches ‘Demo Days’

Creating Dynamic Shopping Experiences To Boost Customer Traffic

A Refreshingly Unique Retail Concept

In an exciting move, Furniture Mall of Kansas teamed up with a beloved local brewery and a popular artist from the area to create ‘Demo Days’- an exciting, eventful program aimed at attracting more clients to the store. This concept diverges from the conventional furniture shopping experience by letting customers enjoy live demonstrations of brewing and art, offering a unique blend of culture, creativity, and commerce.

The program appears to be a hit, with positive customer feedback applauding its engaging and diverse shopping experience, uniquely juxtaposed with traditional retail conventions. In its mission to offer a memorable and entertaining journey to its shoppers, Furniture Mall of Kansas, through ‘Demo Days’, sets a revolutionary precedent for other furniture retailers. Indeed, the friendly innovation and successful delivery of the program offer considerable promise for similar collaborations in the future.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317336

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