– An increase in new furniture orders was reported in March, continuing the positive trend seen earlier in the year.
– The increase is broadly spread across all product categories, with outdoor furniture leading the rebound.
– Despite the upward shift in March, analysts predict a slowdown in orders for the remainder of the year due to a variety of reasons.
– Challenges such as supply chain disruptions, increased commodity prices and labor shortages are expected to restrain growth.
– The furniture industry is working to counter these challenges through boosting online sales, enhancing product portfolios, and embracing technology to improve operations.

Furniture Orders Rise in Challenging Times

Industry Grapples with Supply Chain Disruptions and Other Concerns

In a display of resilience, the furniture industry saw an increase in new orders in March. This comes as good news, considering the industry’s navigation through the choppy waters of the pandemic. With growth apparent across all product categories, it’s outdoor furniture that led the pack in terms of recovery.

Facing the Future with Caution

Notwithstanding the current upward swing, a note of caution remains for the rest of the year. Anticipated challenges such as disruptions within the supply chains, heightened commodity prices, and labor shortages present a potential speed bump on the path to recovery.

However, the industry isn’t just sitting back, waiting for the storm to hit. Strategies are in place to cushion these effects, with a significant push towards online sales, diversification of product portfolios, and a greater embrace of technology to streamline operations.

In the face of these challenges, the furniture industry exhibits a robust resilience, a testament to their willingness to adapt, innovate, and forge ahead.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317587

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