– Big Lots, a major retail giant in the United States, reports a significant drop in furniture sales in 2023.
– The retailer experienced a fall in furniture sales by double digits.
– This massive decline was much steeper than the mild slump the furniture sector experienced.
– Analysts attribute this slump to different factors such as increased online shopping and changing consumer preferences.
– The company is reassessing its business strategy in response to this situation.
– Big Lots also plans to revamp its product line and customer experience amidst this downturn.

Big Lots Suffers Huge Blow in Furniture Sales in 2023

Steeper Decline Than Overall Furniture Market

A New Business Strategy In The Works

2023 wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for Big Lots. The furniture aisle seemed a little more vacant last year as the store recorded a harsh double-digit drop in furniture sales. Describing this blow as more than a hiccup, analysts are pointing towards the rise of online shopping culture and changing buyer behaviours. But fear not, Big Lots isn’t throwing in the towel just yet! With a major revamp in their product line and overall shopping experience in the pipeline, Big Lots has its eyes set on reclaiming its share of the furniture market. So, the next time you walk into Big Lots, don’t be surprised if you discover a whole new world of furniture shopping adventure!

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