• Furniture Today, a leading national furniture publication, announced their offices will be closed to commemorate Juneteenth.
• Juneteenth, a holiday on June 19th, honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the U.S.
• Some furniture stores across the nation are also observing the holiday, leading to a temporary pause in operations.
• The Furniture Today team, acknowledging the significance of the holiday, is urging the furniture industry to take part in ongoing conversations about racial justice.
• The publication has also shared educational resources on its platform, to help audiences understand the historical and cultural significance of Juneteenth.

Furniture Today Celebrates Juneteenth

Closure of Offices

Furniture Today, a trusted news source within the furniture industry, has announced that their offices will be closed on June 19th, in recognition of Juneteenth. This move aligns with other retail stores and services nationwide ultimately highlighting the far-reaching respect and value for the historical significance of this day.

Industry-wide Observances

Across the industry, various furniture shops are following suit, shuttering business for the day as part of their recognition of the holiday. This collective step in the industry sends a strong message about the importance of acknowledging our shared history and pursuing racial justice.

Educational Commitment

In addition to the closure, Furniture Today has posted a host of educational resources on their platform. These resources are designed to enhance awareness and understanding of Juneteenth, thereby inviting audiences, and the industry at large, to engage in valuable discussions about racial equity.

In closing, Furniture Today’s decision to close their offices in observance of Juneteenth is a leap forward in advocating for racial justice within the furniture industry. They are aligning their actions with their values and fostering educational conversations around the significance of this holiday. The fact that this stance is being increasingly mirrored across the industry signifies the intent to not only recognize America’s shared history, but also the commitment to positive change and progress pertaining to racial justice.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318093

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