– A new event has been announced by Furniture Today to honor the Legends, Titans and Trailblazers of the furniture industry.
– The event will be held on December 1, during Furniture Today’s annual Leadership Conference in Orlando.
– The honorees have yet to be announced, and nominations are currently open through Furniture Today’s website.
– The aim of the event is to acknowledge the significant impact these individuals have had on the furniture industry.
– Leaders from all sectors of the industry are eligible to be nominated, from retailers and manufacturers to suppliers and designers.
– Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to learn from these experienced individuals and network with other industry professionals.

Furniture Today Honoring Industry Pioneers with Inaugural Event

New Event to Recognize Game-Changers in Furniture Industry

Furniture Today, the leading voice in the furniture industry, is launching a new event dedicated to honoring the titans, trailblazers, and legends in the field. The event, which will take place during Furniture Today’s annual Leadership Conference on 1st December in Orlando, aims to acknowledge movers and shakers who have made a significant impact on the furniture world.

Nominations Now Open

Crucially, nominations for these awards are open. That’s right! You can nominate anyone whom you believe has made a significant contribution to the furniture industry. The nominations are not limited to any specific sector within the industry – retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, or designers; everybody is eligible!

Networking and Learning Opportunities Galore

What’s more, the event offers attendees the chance to rub shoulders with industry giants and learn from the best in the business. It’s not just an opportunity to honour the past and present leaders in the industry, but also to network and build relationships for future success.

As Furniture Today embarks on this new journey of acknowledging industry game-changers, it will undoubtedly provide a thrilling opportunity to celebrate achievements, gain insight, and forge strong industry partnerships. Make sure you’ve got December 1 marked on your calendar; this is one industry event you won’t want to miss!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317526

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