– Gabriella White, parent company of luxury furniture brands Summer Classics and Gabby, has announced new additions to their C-suite roles.
– Two industry veterans, Bew White III and Chris Hutchens, have joined Gabriella White’s top executive team.
– Bew White III, son of company founder Bew White II, has been appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). White’s broad experience includes developing marketing strategies and handling brand management.
– The second key appointment is that of Chris Hutchens to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Hutchens, who has been with the company for 10 years, has played a crucial role in Gabriella White’s growth and transition, previously serving as the Vice President of Finance.
– These executive changes are part of Gabriella White’s strategic growth plan, where the company aims to expand its customer base and improve its financial performance.

Meet Gabriella White’s New C-suite Hires

Industry Veterans, Bew White III and Chris Hutchens, Join Top Executive Team

Bew White III Appointed as Chief Marketing Officer

The company founder’s son, Bew White III, steps up as the Chief Marketing Officer, promising to bring in fresh strategies to improve the brands’ reach.

Chris Hutchens Assumes Role of Chief Financial Officer

Chris Hutchens, known for his pivotal contribution to Gabriella White’s growth, takes reins as the new CFO, pledging to bolster the company’s financial performance.

In conclusion, Gabriella White is gearing up for significant growth. The luxury furniture powerhouse has announced the appointment of two industry veterans, Bew White III and Chris Hutchens, as CMO and CFO, respectively. These appointments are part of the company’s strategic growth plan, ensuring that the firm has the right mix of seasoned and innovative thinking at the helm. Both gentlemen bring with them vast industry experience and valuable insights that will no doubt drive Gabriella White’s brands to new heights and further success in the furniture market.

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