– The Georgia-based Robertson Furniture Company, after standing tall for 112 years, is preparing to close its doors.
– Economic and market challenges over the recent years ultimately led to the decision to shutter the business.
– Robertson Furniture Company has been a part of the local community for more than a century, providing quality furniture and home accessories alongside excellent customer service.
– Despite the closure, the owner of the furniture store, Tommy Robertson, expressed gratitude to the supportive community while reflecting on the store’s history.
– The store will hold a final liquidation sale for customers eager to support the local business one last time.
– Robertson also emphasized that employees will receive their final paycheck and are being assisted in finding new employment.

# The End of an Era for Robertson Furniture Company

## Robertson Furniture Company Bids Farewe

After 112 years of providing stellar furniture and unmatched customer service, the well-loved Robertson Furniture is finally bidding its final farewell to the community. The Georgia staple fell victim to the challenges faced by many businesses in this era of rapid change and technological advancement.

### The Community Reflection and a Final Sale

Tommy Robertson, the owner, expressed deep gratitude towards the supportive community. The store will host a last liquidation sale as a lighthearted conclusion to the chapter rather than a sorrowful ending. Commitment to employees is also evident as the company ensures final paychecks and assistance in securing new employment.

Despite its final curtain fall, Robertson Furniture Company’s legacy of enhanced home aesthetics and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly echo in the memory of its faithful customers and the annals of Georgia’s local business history.

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