– Gift for Life, a charity organization in the home and gift industry, will launch its new campaign “Home vs Hunger” at the Las Vegas Market.
– The aim is to raise awareness and funds to combat food insecurity and homelessness issues.
– This campaign will involve the collaboration of market participants.
– As part of the program, exhibitors and buyers will be encouraged to donate online and participate in various fundraising events.
– Funds raised will be channeled towards organizations like Gift for Life partner, DIFFA, that support those affected by hunger and homelessness.
– The Las Vegas Market will showcase an array of spectacular furniture design and home decor pieces.

Gift for Life Launches Home vs Hunger Campaign

Combating Food Insecurity and Homelessness

Gift for life, an esteemed charitable body within the home and gift sectors, is stepping up its game with the upcoming ‘Home vs Hunger’ initiative. This distinguished campaign is set to make its debut at none other than the esteemed Las Vegas Market.

Uniting the Market to Drive Change

Never ones to shy away from partnership, Gift For Life is harnessing the power of the market’s participants. This campaign is a high call for exhibitors and buyers to demonstrate their philanthropic side, encouraging them to donate generously online, and make their mark in a series of fun, yet heartfelt fundraising activities.

Channeling Funds to Those in Need

The proceeds from this campaign won’t be stashed away in a treasure chest. Instead, every single penny raised will be funneled straight towards organizations such as DIFFA. These champion bodies are known for their tireless work in supporting the victims of hunger and homelessness.

Enjoy an Array of Designer Furniture and Home Decor

While you’re doing good for the world, don’t forget to feast your eyes on the beautiful spectacle of the Las Vegas Market. Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping display of marvelous furniture designs and artistic home decor pieces.

In conclusion, Gift For Life’s “Home vs Hunger” campaign is more than just a fundraising event. It is an attractive combination of philanthropy, consumer-engagement, and ‘taste’ in the physical sense, presenting the home and gift industry’s beautiful offerings while making a tangible difference. The Las Vegas Market isn’t only a showcase of the best furniture and home decor designs, but also of the industry’s generosity and dedication to combating hunger and homelessness.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318597

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