– Glen Raven, a global provider of performance fabrics, announces Leib Ostrow as the new president of their performance fabric brands.
– Ostrow has a wealth of experience in the performance fabric industry, previously serving as the CEO of Fabrictech International.
– His responsibilities will include marketing, manufacturing, and product development for two of Glen Raven’s brands: Sunbrella and Dickson.
– Glen Raven credits Ostrow for his innovative thinking and is excited to see how he will drive the company forward.
– Ostrow is replacing Allen E. Gant Jr., who is retiring after a commendable 40-year tenure.

New President for Glen Raven’s Performance Fabric Brands:

Industry Veteran Leib Ostrow to Drive Future Innovation

Key Details

Glen Raven, a renowned provider of performance fabric across the globe, recently announced a significant shift in leadership. Leib Ostrow, former CEO of Fabrictech International and a well-respected figure in the fabric industry, is set to become the new president of Glen Raven’s performance fabric brands.

New Role, New Responsibilities

Under his new role, Ostrow will be responsible for driving the marketing efforts, manufacturing processes, and product development aspects of two of Glen Raven’s famed brands – Sunbrella and Dickson. This alignment of leadership and responsibilities makes Ostrow the point person for these brands, ensuring their future development and success.

A Look to the Future

With Ostrow’s innovative thinking, Glen Raven is ready to push boundaries and redefine conventions in the performance fabric industry. Ostrow steps into the shoes of retiring president, Allen E. Gant Jr., leaving behind an enviable legacy of 40 years.

In conclusion, Glen Raven’s appointment of Leib Ostrow as the new president of their performance fabric brands is an exciting development not just for the company but for the industry at large. Ostrow brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of innovation, which will create new opportunities and drive growth for the Sunbrella and Dickson brands. The fabric industry can now look forward to new trends, innovative developments, and exciting breakthroughs under Ostrow’s leadership.

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