– Furniture industry businesses Furniture Row and Agio contributed to the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics trend of promoting sustainability efforts.
– The furniture provided by both brands for the Olympic Games is consciously manufactured to promote environmental sustainability.
– Furniture Row operated on ‘green’ initiatives for the Olympic Upholstery range, including the use of recyclable materials and reducing energy consumption.
– Agio also advanced its eco-friendly practices by producing outdoor furniture made with renewable and recyclable materials.
– Both companies are excited to join the sustainability push at this year’s Olympic Games and are actively aiming to reduce their environmental impact going forward.

Going Green for Gold: The New Trend in Olympic Furniture

Furniture Row and Agio Join The Olympic Sustainability Initiative

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are overflowing not just with medals, but also with green initiatives. Making their mark on this trend, two renowned entities in the furniture industry, Furniture Row and Agio, have taken significant steps towards sustainability by providing environmentally conscious furniture for the global event.

Environmental Commitment in the Upholstery Sector

Showcasing steadfast dedication towards environmental causes, Furniture Row has floated its ‘green’ initiatives with its Olympic Upholstery range. This series primarily makes use of recyclable materials and processes that minimize energy consumption without compromising on comfort and style.

Agio’s Approach to Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Agio hasn’t been left behind, either. The brand advanced its sustainability efforts by releasing a lineup of outdoor furniture pieces, crafted skillfully from renewable and recyclable materials.

In conclusion, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have given Furniture Row and Agio a unique platform to display their commitment to environmental sustainability. By installing their consciously crafted furniture pieces at the Olympic Games, they are promoting eco-friendly practices and leading the way in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. As evident in their efforts, “going for gold” at this year’s Olympics has undergone a transformation, meaning not only success in sports but also victory in sustainability battles.

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