– Gold Bond, a quality mattress manufacturing company, is entering the boxed bed category for the first time with a new foam mattress.
– Branded as the “CoolTouch Quick Ship Mattress”, this product will be the first in a series of mattresses to come in a box.
– The move is in response to consumer demand for online furniture buying.
– The new mattress provides features such as heat-dissipating technology and a comfort core support system.
– Gold Bond states that this product will allow customers to enjoy a “hotel-like” sleep experience at home.
– The mattress has a gel-infused memory foam layer for support and comfort.
– Gold Bond plans to further expand its offerings in the boxed bed category.

Gold Bond Leaps into Boxed Bed Category

Debuts with All-Foam ‘CoolTouch Quick Ship Mattress’

A Response to Online Furniture Demand

For the first time in its history, Gold Bond, known for crafting top-quality mattresses, is stepping foot in the realm of boxed beds. This exciting move was initiated by the waves of customer demands for online furniture purchases. To make a grand entrance, Gold Bond introduced the “CoolTouch Quick Ship Mattress” – an all-foam mattress packed with advanced features.

High-End Features for a Hotel-Like Experience

The new mattress stands out by offering a “hotel-like” sleep experience to customers in the comfort of their homes. It boasts a heat-dissipating technology designed to keep sleepers cool, paired with a comfort core support system that adapts to body contours throughout the night. On top of that, it has a gel-infused memory foam layer for added comfort and support.

Eyeing the Future of Boxed Beds

This launch serves as just the beginning of Gold Bond’s journey into the world of boxed beds. The company has plans to further expand its offerings in this category in the near future.

In conclusion, Gold Bond’s bold move into the boxed bed category signals a shift in the furniture industry, as companies continue to adapt their products and services to meet the growing online demand. The new “CoolTouch Quick Ship Mattress” provides a fresh example of how traditional furniture makers are innovating to deliver quality, comfort, and convenience in creative ways, right to customers’ doorsteps.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316249

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