– Gold Bond, a leading manufacturer of high-quality mattresses, has announced that they will expand their usage of encased coils across five of their mattress collections.
– This move is set to significantly increase the performance and quality of Gold Bond mattresses with unprecedented comfort and increased durability.
– The five collections that will benefit from this upgrade are the Cool Response Gel, Brilliance, Organic, and Natural Latex mattresses, as well as the two-sided combination mattresses.
– Encased coils provide enhanced pressure relief, better motion isolation, and more comfort.
– The new mattresses will contain hundreds of individually wrapped springs that will adjust independently to the weight and contour of the body.
– This creates a sleeping experience that feels tailored to each individual’s needs.
– Gold Bond’s president, Bob Naboicheck, shares that the decision to expand the use of encased coils is based on positive consumer responses to performance and durability.
– The updated mattresses will be available in retail stores and online, with deliveries set to begin in spring.

Gold Bond Mattress Upgrade: Expanded Use of Encased Coils

The Collections to Enjoy the Upgrade

Boosting Performance and Durability:

Gold Bond, keen on ensuring their customers sleep soundly, is upgrading their mattresses! Five of their cherished collections namely the Cool Response Gel, Brilliance, Organic, Natural Latex, and two-sided combination mattresses are getting a notable tweak. They are incorporating encased coils the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Why Encased Coils?

When it’s a Gold Bond mattress, expect nothing short of comfort. The choice of encased coils should come as no surprise. These nifty coils provide better pressure relief, superior motion isolation, and boosted comfort. On top of that, they adjust individually to the weight and contour of the body, making everyone’s dream (pun intended!) of personalized sleep experience a reality.

Consumer-Centered Decisions

All good things come from paying attention to feedback, and Gold Bond knows this for sure. The decision to upgrade the mattresses was based on onwards and upwards consumer responses all applauding the performance and durability the encased coils brought to their sweet dreams.

Get ready to snooze in a new Gold Bond mattress. These revamped mattresses will be hitting retail stores and the online platform soon. Delivery? Don’t worry, you’ll start unwrapping your precious sleep companion as the blossoms of spring bloom. Now, who’s ready for an even better night’s sleep?

Gold Bond is not simply hitting the sack with these upgrades; they’re redefining the art of sleeping!

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