– Havenly, a popular online platform for interior design, continues to expand its reach with the recent acquisition of lifestyle brand St. Frank.
– St. Frank, known for its curated collection of unique, worldly home decor, is positioned to nicely complement Havenly’s suite of design services.
– This recent acquisition is part of Havenly’s broader strategy to increase engagement with customers by enhancing the end-to-end design experience, offering more choices and cultivating a distinct, cohesive aesthetic.
– The acquisition also demonstrates Havenly’s commitment to growth and diversification in the highly-competitive world of online interior design.
– Co-founder of St. Frank, Christina Bryant, will lend her industry expertise to Havenly by serving as an advisor.
– Notwithstanding the acquisition, customers will still be able to purchase St. Frank products directly through its existing online store.

Havenly Expands with St. Frank Acquisition

Havenly Acquires St. Frank In the World of Online Interior Design

Popular online interior design platform, Havenly, has continued its expansion spree with the acquisition of St. Frank. This move marks the company’s determination to further diversify and accentuate their presence in a highly competitive landscape.

Curating Aesthetic and Choice With St. Frank’s Addition

Now, under the Havenly umbrella, St. Frank continues to offer their curated range of globally-inspired home decor, enhancing their suite of design services and choices. The addition of St. Frank to Havenly’s design service is a part of the company’s bigger strategy of stepping up customer engagement by providing a comprehensive and distinct interior-design experience.

Christina Bryant Joins Havenly as an Advisor

As part of the deal, St. Frank’s co-founder, Christina Bryant, will now lend her expertise to Havenly in an advisory capacity. Despite the transition, customers can continue purchasing St. Frank’s range on their existing online platform.

In summary, Havenly’s acquisition of St. Frank is a significant step towards refining the online interior design experience. By integrating St. Frank’s eclectic collection, Havenly enhances its customers’ choices while maintaining the distinct aesthetic that both brands are known for. With the added knowledge coming from St. Frank’s co-founder, Havenly’s game plan in the competitive world of online interior design is something to keep an eye on.

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