• Havertys Furniture Companies Inc. has appointed a new head of IT from within its own company ranks.
• The person promoted to this position is Worley Hyde, who has been with Havertys for over 15 years.
• Prior to this new role, Hyde served as the vice president of IT, implying he has a deep understanding and management experience in the company’s technological operations.
• CEO, Richard D. Gallagher, expressed his confidence in Hyde’s capabilities based on his demonstrated success in previous IT roles.
• Hyde will be responsible for overseeing all Havertys’ technology initiatives, enhancing the company’s digital strategy, and driving innovation in customer experience.
• This move reaffirms Havertys’ commitment to emphasizing the importance of technology in the furniture industry.

# Havertys Promotes an Experienced Insider

## New Head of IT Appointed from Within

### Worley Hyde Takes the Helm

In a show of faith in its own, Havertys Furniture Companies Inc. has put trust in insider Worley Hyde as the new head of IT. A dedicated Havertys employee for over a 15 year period, Hyde leaps from his role as vice president of IT to now leading the entire department. CEO Richard D. Gallagher passed along hearty congratulations and words of confidence, stating that Hyde’s experience and proven success in past roles undoubtedly pave the way for future advances.

As the person steering Havertys’ technological initiatives, Hyde’s influence extends beyond code and wires. His role shimmers with opportunities to further refine the company’s digital strategy, drive innovation in all facets of the customer experience and solidify Haverty’s foothold in the tech-driven landscape of the furniture industry. This move sends a resounding signal – Havertys remains boldly committed to ushering in a digital era robust with technologically-enhanced customer experiences. Gold star for team Havertys!

Can’t wait to see how this in-house wizard takes his spell-casting to the next level in shaping Havertys’ tech future!

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