– Bob Hennen, the founder of Hennen Furniture, has passed away at the age of 89
– Hennen’s legacy includes the creation of a leading furniture company, known for its high-quality, stylish offerings
– Hennen Furniture, founded in 1967, has continued to flourish under the guidance of Bob’s sons, making it a true family business
– Bob’s commitment to community service extended beyond his business, with extensive involvement in local charities and organizations
– A service in his honor will be held, allowing those touched by his life and work to pay their respects

The Furniture Industry Mourns the Loss of a Giant: Bob Hennen

Bob Hennen, Founder of Hennen Furniture, Passes Away at 89

In the often fast-paced world of furniture, finding individuals who leave a lasting footprint is rare. We mark the passing of Bob Hennen, the founder of Hennen Furniture, at the age of 89. Bob took the world by storm in 1967 when he launched Hennen Furniture, impressing not only design aficionados but the wider public with his high-quality, stylish creations.

A True Family Business: Bob Hennen’s Legacy Continues

Bob’s professional success was matched only by his dedication to family as the guiding force of Hennen Furniture. Through thick and thin, the company has stayed true to its roots, with Bob’s sons now at its helm, ensuring the signature Hennen charm continues to grace homes far and wide.

More Than Just Furniture: Bob Hennen’s Commitment to Community Service

Beyond the stylish veneer of his furniture company, Bob was a profound figure in local community service. His actions and contributions have had a tremendous impact, demonstrating that his commitment to community extended well beyond his business.

A Service for a Servant Leader

In honor of Bob’s life and his remarkable legacy, a service will be held, allowing the many people his life touched to pay their respects and reminisce about the impact he had on their lives and the furniture industry at large.

Concluding Thoughts

The furniture world has lost a true luminary, but Bob Hennen’s legacy will continue to inspire and shape the industry. The Hennen Furniture family and all those who benefitted from Bob’s generous spirit will carry his memory forward, ensuring his dedication to craftsmanship, design, and community remains vibrant. As we mourn Bob’s passing, we celebrate his achievements, commemorate his life, and appreciate the lasting impact he has left. Bob Hennen will be remembered as an extraordinary entrepreneur, a dedicated family man, and a pillar of the community.

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