• Herman Miller, renowned for its high-end ergonomic office chairs, showcased its expansive range of workspace design offerings at Chicago’s Fulton Market.
• The brand celebrated the opening of a new 45,000 square-foot showroom, providing a vibrant venue for exploring its most exclusive furnishings.
• The new Herman Miller showroom features various room sets to inspire architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts for crafting beautiful and productive workspaces.
• The Fulton Market showroom debuts several product introductions from Herman Miller, including the Cosm and Lino ergonomic chairs.
• The event also underlined Herman Miller’s commitment to promoting sustainable design practices, by focusing on their collections using recycled and recyclable materials for the products.

Herman Miller: Innovations in Workspace Design

New Showroom at Chicago’s Fulton Market

Herman Miller, known worldwide for designing and manufacturing sleek, high-performing office furniture, and equipment has opened a sprawling 45,000 square-foot showroom in Chicago’s Fulton Market. This new space stages a thrilling display of Herman Miller’s upscale collections.

Showcasing New and Exclusive Furnishings

Be it for office or home-based work setups, Herman Miller aims to inspire architects, interior designers, or even ordinary design lovers with their stylish and highly productive workspace models. Among the featured products in the showroom are the latest Cosm and Lino ergonomic chairs.

Pioneering Sustainable Design Practices

Herman Miller continues to champion the cause of sustainable design. Prioritizing the use of recycled and recyclable materials for their products, they siphon conscientious design-seekers towards a greener, eco-friendly approach to styling.

With its new outpost on Chicago’s Fulton Market, Herman Miller continues its journey of redefining workspace design. The brand doesn’t just show off its innovative furnishings but also lays out the roadmap of striking design elements that blend style, comfort, and productivity. Whether it’s about finding the right ergonomic chair or creating an eco-conscious office space, the new showroom is a gallery of inspiration serving every design enthusiast’s tastes. Simultaneously, Herman Miller reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by weaving in recycled and recyclable materials. An emblem of excellence, as it has always been, Herman Miller stands a beacon for the world of workspace design.

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