– The Home Furnishings Association (HFA) is poised to welcome a new leadership team, both with their own unique skill sets and experiences.
– Incoming President, Jesse Akre will be the first person outside of the furniture business sector to lead the association.
– The second half of the power duo is Vice President, Todd Evans, a seasoned player in the furniture industry.
– Akre and Evans plan to blend the historical legacy of the HFA with their own expertise to create a forward-thinking, transformative association.
– Despite their different backgrounds, they share a common vision: to modernize the furniture industry, increase member benefits, and promote inclusion for all.
– They also plan to launch new initiatives for young professionals and female leaders in the industry.
– Sustainability and digital transformation are also high on their agenda.

HFA Embarks on a New Era of Leadership

Industry Outsider and Veteran to Helm Association

The Home Furnishings Association (HFA) is sailing into a new era as Jesse Akre, a non-furniture-sector professional, takes the helm as the new President. By Akre’s side will be Vice President Todd Evans, a tried and true industry veteran. Together, they plan to blend the rich history of the HFA with their accumulated expertise to drive the association forward.

Common Vision Despite Varied Backgrounds

Although they hail from vastly different backgrounds, Akre and Evans share a unified vision for the future of HFA. Their objective revolves around modernizing the furniture industry, enhancing the benefits for current and future members, and fostering an environment of inclusion for all.

New Initiatives on the Horizon

HFA’s new leadership eyes the future with tethered anticipation as they plan to introduce fresh initiatives. The focus will fall on empowering young professionals and women leaders in the furniture industry.

Gearing Up for the Digital Revolution

Akre and Evans are intent on promoting digital transformation and sustainability. They believe these elements will serve as keys to unlocking the industry’s future potential.

As the Home Furnishings Association gears up to welcome its new leadership team, it remains set on its mission to create an innovative and inclusive industry. The infusion of Akre’s fresh perspective alongside Evans’ industry-savvy awareness promises to set the stage for a reimagined and revitalized HFA. Echoing the values of both, the association takes a step toward future readiness, where innovation will parallel with sustainable practices, making the industry history not just a thing of past glory, but a blueprint for future triumph.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316044

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