– HiEnd Accents, a home décor company, is expanding its showroom spaces in Las Vegas and High Point.
– The new showrooms will be larger, allowing HiEnd Accents to showcase a broader range of products.
– The Las Vegas location will be relocated to a larger space in the World Market Center.
– The High Point showroom is moving from IHFC to the 220 Elm building.
– The expansion reflects HiEnd Accents’ growth in the market and increasing demand for its products.
– Attendees at the upcoming Furniture Market in Las Vegas will be the first ones to experience the new showroom.
– The company is excited about the new opportunities this expansion allows.

HiEnd Accents Expands Showrooms in Prominent Locations

The Journey to Bigger Digs

Having firmly established its hold in the home décor realm, HiEnd Accents is reaching loftier heights. The company, known for its innovative designs and incredible variety, is now spreading its wings further with new, larger showrooms in Las Vegas and High Point.

Moving Up in the World: Las Vegas and High Point Showroom Expansion

HiEnd Accents is metamorphosing its Las Vegas location from an already impressive space to an even grander one within the World Market Center. As for the High Point showroom, it’s trading its home in the IHFC for an expansive space in the 220 Elm building. The move is not just a physical one, but also signifies the company’s growth and the surging demand for its decor.

The new and larger showrooms allow HiEnd Accents to showcase an even wider array of designs, welcoming attendees of the upcoming Furniture Market in Las Vegas to their revamped set-up for the first time. With more room to wiggle, HiEnd Accents can intensify its focus on creating inspiring and comfortable spaces, presenting customers with a vibrant, exciting shopping experience stocked to the brim with variety and brilliance.

Whilst this expansion marks a momentous milestone in the HiEnd Accents’ journey, the company looks at it as more than just that. It signifies the faith that customers place in their products, igniting excitement for future growth and the boundless opportunities that await. This is only a prelude to what HiEnd Accents plans to achieve on its thriving trajectory in the future.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318484

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