• ‘Home as the point of sale’ is an innovative business model that has added a New York-based home staging company to its list of services.
• This strategic acquisition will enable the company to provide comprehensive sales solutions by capitalizing on the aesthetic appeal of residences and office spaces.
• The New York-based staging firm is known for its world-class staging solutions that include high-end furniture, elegant decorative items and professional photography of staged homes and offices.
• This partnership is a significant step towards redefining traditional methods of selling homes and workspace properties by placing equal emphasis on both the aesthetic and the functional aspects.
• According to analysts, the unique concept of ‘Home as a point of sale’ coupled with expert home staging is likely to attract a wide range of customers, creating a promising platform for property sales.

‘Home as the point of sale’ Welcomes N.Y. Staging Firm to the Family

Reimagining the Home and Office Sales Experience

The recent incorporation of a renowned New York-based staging firm into the services of ‘Home as the point of sale’ is a definitive game-changer in the real estate landscape.

Strategic Acquisition for Improved Services

This calculated partnership signifies a shift in traditional methods of selling homes and office spaces. It incorporates curated aesthetics into the process, bridging the gap between essential functionality and appealing looks. Home as the point of sale services now come with a side of elegance and sophistication, promising an enhanced customer experience.

In conclusion, the strategic acquisition of the New York-based staging firm by ‘Home as the point of sale’ marks a valuable step forward in the world of home and office sales. This innovatively blends the concept of selling a property with eye-catching aesthetics, a move likely to attract a multitude of customers. The home and office sales industry could potentially be on the brink of a revolution, thanks to this unique merging of function and design.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316404

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