– Home Furnishing International (HFI) has appointed a new Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) for their foam and bedding division.
– The new appointee, Scott Miller, is an industry veteran with numerous years of experience in the home furnishings sector.
– Prior to his new role at HFI, Miller held important positions at several other major firms in the industry.
– The CEO and President of HFI, Robert Adler, expressed high hopes for Miller’s contribution to the company.
– Miller’s appointment is expected to bring innovative strategies that can help HFI maintain its leading position in the market.
– Miller’s responsibilities will include overseeing merchandising strategies and product development initiatives for HFI’s bedding division.

Home Furnishing International Names New EVP & Chief Merchandising Officer

Industry Veteran, Scott Miller, to Drive Innovation in HFI’s Foam and Bedding Division

Moving Forward with a Strong Leadership Team

Home Furnishing International (HFI) continues to strengthen their foam and bedding division with the strategic appointment of Scott Miller as the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). With years of rich experience in the home furnishings sector, Miller brings much value talent to his new seat at HFI. Robert Adler, the CEO and President of HFI, asserted his confidence in Miller’s abilities and future contributions to the company. His main responsibilities will be overseeing merchandising strategies and kickstarting new product development initiatives, thereby infusing fresh life into HFI’s already successful bedding portfolio. This strategic move by HFI underlines their objective to maintain market leadership and solidify their commitment to delivering top-quality home furnishing products. Welcome aboard, Miller!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318467

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