– Houston-based furniture retailers were spared severe damages following the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.
– Firms such as Gallery Furniture and Bel Furniture reported no serious flooding or power outage issues.
– Gallery Furniture even utilized their stores as emergency shelters for Houston residents.
– Local businesses were prepared for the hurricane following previous experiences with Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
– Sales operations were slightly disrupted but quickly resumed to normal.
– Most Houston retailers predict that the hurricane will have a negligible effect on their annual revenues.

Houston Furniture Retailers Dodge Hurricane Beryl’s Wrath

Business as Usual Despite the Storm

In an unexpected turn of events, Houston-based furniture retailers dodged the bullet with Hurricane Beryl, reporting no major flooding or power incidences. Some stores even managed to act as pillars of the community, with leading firms like Gallery Furniture transforming their spaces into emergency shelters for residents affected by the storm.

A Lesson from the Past

With the bitter experience of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey still lingering, these businesses were well-prepared for the challenges Beryl might bring. This readiness helped them avoid significant damage and bounce back to service sooner than expected, with sales operations only slightly disrupted. The hurricane’s impact on annual revenues is predicted to be a drop in the bucket.

In conclusion, the resilience of Houston’s furniture retailers in the face of Hurricane Beryl serves as a shining example of how businesses can effectively handle natural disasters. Not only were they prepared to protect their enterprises, but they also displayed an admirable devotion to their community by providing shelter in the height of the storm. Despite the slight hiccup in sales operations, business has resumed as usual, demonstrating the robustness of Houston’s furniture industry amid unexpected adversities.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318613

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