– DOC (Department of Commerce) released their monthly report, providing valuable insights into furniture sales for May.
– Furniture Industry revenue showed an increase, up by 2.6% compared to last month.
– Brick-and-mortar furniture stores also reported increased sales, up by 3.1% from April.
– Despite the re-opening of physical storefronts, Online sales continued to perform strongly, rising by 1.9%.
– Year-over-year, the furniture industry shows signs of robust recovery with a 12% increase in sales.
– The outdoor furniture segment experienced a whopping 35% surge, attributed to increased focus on outdoor living due to pandemic restrictions.

A Report All Furnished

May’s furniture industry performance

According to the latest monthly report from the Department of Commerce (DOC), there’s a great deal to be cheerful about on the furniture sales front during May.

Revenue riding high

Turning a new leaf, the furniture industry noticed an uptick, a cool 2.6% increase from the preceding April numbers.

Brick-and-mortar back in Business

The traditional brick-and-mortar outlets weren’t left behind either. Their sales chart showed a rejuvenating curve upwards with a 3.1% jump higher than April’s figures.

Online, Still Going Strong

The digital realm of furniture commerce continued its upward journey with sales inflating by 1.9%.

Year-over-year growth

Weaving a tale of recovery, the year-over-year data hints at a robust upward trend, marking a noteworthy 12% increase in sales.

Outdoor Furniture – The Rising Star

The stand-out performer of the month was outdoor furniture, with an astounding 35% escalation, which experts are chalking down to the evolving focus on outdoor living due to Covid-induced lockdowns.

In conclusion, the month of May delivered a burst of encouragement to the furniture industry with signs of strong recovery and growth. Despite challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, consumers have shown a resilient interest in both online and physical furniture shopping experiences. Particularly, the rise in outdoor furniture sales indicates how home trends are shifting and adapting to the “new normal”. This is good news for everyone, from retailers to consumers to interior designers, because it appears that furniture, like style, never goes out of fashion.

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