– HSM, a global manufacturer of integrated solutions and components for the furniture, bedding, and a variety of other industries, is rebranding Atlanta Attachment Company to HSM Sewing Solutions.
– The renaming provides a more accurate reflection of the company’s current product offerings and customer focus.
– HSM is also announcing a major expansion of its facilities in North Carolina, further indicating an emphasis on growing its American operations.
– The expansion includes a significant investment in new machinery and equipment to enhance the manufacturing capabilities.
– This move is expected to bring new jobs and economic growth to the region.
– As part of its rebranding and expansion strategy, HSM also plans to showcase its innovative furniture and bedding products at various trade shows across North America.

HSM announces Atlanta Attachment Company’s Rebranding and North Carolina Expansion

From Atlanta Attachment Company to HSM Sewing Solutions

Atlanta Attachment Company, part of the global manufacturing firm HSM, is undergoing a name change. We can now start referring to it as HSM Sewing Solutions, a rebranding that echoes the company’s evolving product offerings and consumer focus.

Major North Carolina Expansion

Along with the rebranding news, HSM has also dropped a major bombshell about their impending expansion in North Carolina. This means an influx of new cutting-edge machinery to bolster the capabilities of their manufacturing unit, and more importantly, economic growth and fresh job opportunities.

Trade Shows, Innovation, and the Future

Release of innovative new products in the furniture and bedding markets is also on the table. The way to showcase these? Trade shows across North America! This exciting rebranding and expansion combo indicates a future of growth and innovation for HSM. So, buckle up and be prepared to watch this company transform the furniture industry!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317724

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