– The International Home Furnishings Representatives Association (IHFRA) has named nine individuals as honorees for its 2024 ‘dream team’.
– These winners were recognized for their significant contributions and dedication towards the furniture industry.
– The chosen dream team includes Steve DeFalco, Scott Sutton, Eric Rosson, Surya Tiwari, and Massood Samedi, who are set to receive the Pillars of the Industry award.
– Chuck and Diane Raymond are the proud winners of the Legacy award, which honors lifetime achievement.
– Jung Kim and Mary Frye are both being recognized with the Excellence in Service award.
– The awards ceremony will be held in a grand event at the IHFRA conference, further highlighting the industry’s continuous growth and success.

Congratulations to the IHFRA Dream Team of 2024!

Top Industry Players Honored

In what has been hailed as a benchmark moment for the furniture industry, The International Home Furnishings Representatives Association (IHFRA) has unveiled its prestigious dream team for 2024. This diverse group of nine individuals have their fingers firm on the pulse of the industry, each carving their unique path and rewriting the rules of furniture excellence.

Pillars of the Industry

Members such as Steve DeFalco, Scott Sutton, Eric Rosson, Surya Tiwari, and Massood Samedi were handpicked for the coveted Pillars of the Industry award. These trailblazers were lauded for their persistent commitment and immeasurable contribution to the industry.

Legacy Honorees

Making an indelible mark on the pedigree of furniture magnificence, Chuck and Diane Raymond will also grace the awards stage, securing the notable Legacy award for lifetime achievement.

Excellence in Service Winners

On the other hand, service stalwarts, Jung Kim and Mary Frye, are not left behind in this weave of absolute excellence, clinching the Excellence in Service award in recognition of their outstanding services.

The esteemed awards night, which will be held at the grand IHFRA conference, further amplifies the idea that the furniture industry is constantly evolving, with these key players raising the standard at every curve. We raise our glasses to these champions of furniture brilliance!

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